19 December, 2008

this time of the year...

So.... it's Christmas break. And I couldn't be happier. Other than the fact that I still have approximately 15 MILLION things that need to be done before we leave tomorrow. Like doing laundry (i'm not sure how two people can generate so much clothing that needs to be washed in one week, but whatever), and tidy the house, and clean out the car, and PACK, and load the presents, and put away the christmas tree, and you know all the other millions of things that I'm sure i'll find that i need to do before tomorrow morning.

but i'm excited. today it kinda started to feel like christmas to me. i went into town to pick up my wedding dress! drop off bags upon bags upon bags of stuff to the goodwill, picked up some picture frames for the parent's engagement pics, got coffee, listened to christmas music in the car... it was enjoyable. kinda a crazy day, but enjoyable.

and i can't wait to see both of our families. it's going to be great. and go by far to quickly. but it's still great.

and can i just tell you that i recieved possibly THE sweetest gift from one of the parents of a kid in my class? she crocheted jamie and i an afgan. yeah. a christmas afgan. i nearly cried. i have some really great parents in my class. :)

One more day

One more day and we are on our way home.

I think the hardest part of the year (at least the year to date) has been the three weeks since Thanksgiving. College was great, you get back, a week of classes, finals and done. It was the perfect schedule. But this? Yuck! The kids are ready to go, I'm ready to go, I can't start anything new, the kids don't want to do anything its just a battle. I have also discovered that adding to my list of people I don't like (mainly stupid people) I have a new category...stupid parents.

One class has been exceptionally good though, for the past week I've been teaching my World History girls Latin, and we have caroled to the elementary kids its been a good time, and something that I am definitively going to do again.

For anybody that is remotely interested in our schedule:
We leave tomorrow from a wrestling tournament hopefully about 12
We'll be in Arkansas till the 26th when we leave for Louisiana
We leave to head back to Arkansas on the 31st
I'm going to be in Oklahoma at a lake the 2nd and 3rd
And then the 4th we're headed back to Colorado.

Cheers, and happy Christmas.

17 December, 2008


I've been working out with a couple of friends for roughly a month now. We intend to keep it going for as long as possible. I'm not really working out for any reason other than I know that it's good for me and I LOVE how i feel after i work out.

We are doing this circuit work out. Basically, we have all of these different exercises and we start out with a high weight and only do 5-7 reps, then we lower the weight and do 10-15 reps, and then we lower the weight one more time and do 20-25 reps. And let me tell you it's hard! I'm constantly sore! But i love it! I know it's working and that makes me feel good as silly as it is. We are going to do a weight loss workout in a couple of months and I'm looking forward to that as well. It's fun. And I figure it can't hurt since I am, in fact, getting married in less than 6 months now!!! :)

09 December, 2008

a few random things...

1. i got a snow day today. it has been wonderful

2. i am making my first attempt at cooking a pot roast in the crock pot today. you can't really mess up something in the crock pot, right?

3. i use lysol antibacterial wipes all the time. i'm kinda of OCD about them actually. after i cook i ALWAYS wipe down the whole kitchen with them. always.

4. we have our christmas tree up. it's kind of a charlie brown tree. it's small. but it's a tree. which is something.

5. i have never seen this much snow in any winter in arkansas... ever.

6. i finished ALL christmas shopping and wrapping about 2 weeks before thanksgiving. amazing. i know. probably the only time in my whole life that it will actually happen.

7. only 7 more work days until christmas break. i can't wait.

8. when i was little, the one thing i looked forward to as being a teacher was grading papers. it's possibly the least favorite part about my job.

9. some of my co-workers might come to our wedding (which is in AR). they are pretty amazing.

10. jamie's birthday is on friday. last year on jamie's birthday, i was at a coffee shop working on a paper. he was their going on a date. with another girl. i like to remind him of this often because i think it's quite amusing. :)

07 December, 2008


It doesn't feel like Christmas.

I've been trying to figure out why this is the last few weeks. We have the Christmas tree up and decorated. Shopping is done and presents are all wrapped and under the tree. We have snow. It's cold. I made Christmas cookies and candy yesterday. All you need right?


I think I've finally figured it out.

1. I've never experienced a Christmas time outside of Arkansas. Ever. In my life.

2. I don't have any of my friends around that I associate Christmas with.

and 3 (here's the big one)

I'm not near my family. And this is the one that I think gets me. I'm so used to being near my family and things that are familiar. As odd as this is one of the things I miss the most is the familiarity of Arkansas. I mean, when we were home for Thanksgiving I knew all the back roads to take and all the fun places to go and I saw more people at the mall that I knew in one day in AR than the whole time in CO. I miss that. I miss being comfortable. And I want it to feel like Christmas.

25 November, 2008


So we're leaving to go home today. I can't wait. Thanksgiving is my absolute favorite holiday of the year. It's hard to beat the food, the football and the family.

We're leaving Simla right after school and driving to my Aunt's house tonight. We pick up Heidi from the airport Wednesday, then Mom and dad and Lis will get in Thanksgiving day. Sarah and I leave after we're done eating on Thursday to head to Arkansas. During this time we will see friends and do some wedding stuff. We leave to come back up here on Monday. The 6 days off of work will be amazing. The driving not so amazing. If anyone is curious between now and January 18th Sarah and I have more than 5000 miles on the road. It should be fun!!

21 November, 2008


So, despite resent circumstances, I still have a lot to be thankful for. Sometimes I forget how much I have to be thankful for until things start going downhill. So, here are some things that I am thankful for today.

1. Being Healthy- granted right now, I'm not healthy, I'm sick. But it reminds me that everyday that I wake up healthy, I need to be thankful for it.

2. My job- though not always pleasant, I have 17 precious children that I have the privilege to educate and shape their lives. It also pays the bills.. even though a teacher's salary is by no means generous, I live comfortably.

3. My family- This year, I not only have my own family, but I have Jamie's family too. And they are wonderful. I couldn't have asked for better in-law's. They love me and support me and have welcomed me into their family with open arms.

4. My fiance- Jamie is more than I ever could have imagined in a husband. I was flipping through my journal the other day and I had written down things that I wanted in a future husband, Jamie goes above my expectations. He loves me for who I am yet, he encourages me to be a better person each day. He supports me, encourages me, listens to me, understands me. He
has already become the spiritual leader of our future household. I am so blessed by him.

5. New Friends- The people we have met here in Colorado have already blessed our lives and I am looking forward to getting to know them more and more.

So there are just 5 of the MANY reasons that I'm thankful today.

20 November, 2008

i am sick.

VERY sick. since 3 o'clock this morning.

I was going to go to school quickly to get things ready for my sub... couldn't even make it out the door.

it's bad. very very bad.

15 November, 2008

Friends and Homesick

Tonight Jamie and I went over to a couple's house from church (where another couple joined us too) and we had a blast! Dinner was great, conversation was great, we played games. It was wonderful. It's nice to have friends finally.

Thanksgiving is coming up soon. I'm excited. And I'm not (which I feel HORRIBLE for saying). You see, I've finally gotten over this homesickness thing because in some ways I suppose I've forgotten what home was like. But going back home will just remind me all over again of why I want to be there and thus bring the homesickness back. Jamie and I talked about this tonight on the drive home... he said that I'll cry when we leave and it'll be hard for a while, but I'll eventually build tolerance.

I just know how miserable I felt the first month we were here... I don't care to experience it again. (Jamie said he didn't care to experience it again either since I cried pretty consistently everyday). :)

10 November, 2008

Apparently, it's winter... I didn't get the memo

So, it snowed roughly 4 inches today (give or take). I was not aware that November is considered winter these days, but apparently it is. I was in the Springs most of the day today running errands and dr. appointments and it sprinkled rain while I was there but as soon as you hit the outskirts of town... watch out! It was a bilizard! (at least to my Arkansas eyes, it was a bilizard). The roads really weren't that bad. It was just snow... no ice so it wasn't too slippery unless you hit your breaks too fast or turned the wheel too fast. They had snow plows out at 4:00 or so. BUT let me tell you that snow on a dirt road is a different story. I have never experienced this phenomona... it was exciting.

I stopped off at my school on the way home to grab some stuff to do tonight. Our parking lot is dirt. I was very thankful that no one was there. Much more slippery than I expected. Then you also have to consider that the roads that Jamie and I live on are, in fact, dirt. Turning isn't the most pleasant thing I've ever done on a dirt road. Let's just say I prayed a LOT while on the dirt roads today.

Jamie and I have debated back and forth if we will have school tomorrow. If we were back at home in Arkansas, we wouldn't have school for 2 or 3 days. We figure we'll have school tomorrow. I guess we'll find out in the morning!

Other exciting news: We bought my wedding ring this weekend! It's beautiful. It's stunning with my solitare diamond. Here's the link:


Yep, it's winter. And it's November. And I need snow shoes BADLY.

06 November, 2008


I was thinking about what a different place I am in that I was just a year ago. There are SO many changes it almost boggles my mind. There are the obvious, I'm in Colorado rather than Arkansas. I'm a teacher rather than being in college. I'm ENGAGED to an incredible man.

But I'm also more confident in myself. I really believe that I'm worth something. I'm an adult. I'm an almost wife (I take care of Jamie's house like I'm his wife). I'm a teacher. I'm just so different. But it's such a good different. A lot of that I have to thank Jamie for (especially my confidence and self-worth). It just really boggles my mind though to think about what a different person I am now.

I used to think that I hated change, but this change I like, a lot.

05 November, 2008


I saw history last night, probably the most historical moment of my life.

I voted yesterday. For the first time, I actually voted and participated in the system, and my vote counted. I voted for a candidate that I have supported and followed for 4+years, I voted for a mine who has inspired me, and inspired others. Last night, watching the coverage, I found hope again in the political system and the country. I know I'll get flack for this for falling prey to a pretty speaker, but I don't care. A lot has been said and written about how we as a country can elect a black president just a few decades after the civil rights movement. I am proud of that country. I am proud that race wasn't a big issue in the actual vote. I am proud that for once the majority of people looked past their bigotry and elected the man that they thought would do the best job.

We elected a candidate last night who, if nothing else, inspires the crap out of people like few before him. Watching and listening to his victory speech last night, I saw a million people full of emotion, many their eyes filled with tears. At McCain's party there were maybe a 1000 old grumpy white men. I feel that my generations voice is finally being heard. I feel that a candidate that relates to me has finally won. I'm inspired, and I'm excited.

I'm disappointed though, still by the ignorance I hear around me. I expect adults to have a certain degree of intelligence.. What I have heard since last night was how quickly the country was going to go down the drain, how disgusted people were with the new president, how he was an evil man and the anti-christ. I expect this out of my kids, their kids, but I expect better out of adults, and that disappoints me. Is it too much to ask for people to examine the man and his policies and not believe the propaganda. God forbid we elect a man who's middle name is Hussein, he hast to be a terrorist. God forbid we elect a man that can string together 3 words competently! He speaks well!!! He must be the anti-christ!! Grow up. Gain intelligence, get beyond your partisan bickering. The world will not end, if John McCain had won we would have been fine, he didn't we'll still be fine.

I'm inspired and I'm hopeful, but we still have a long way to go.

04 November, 2008

Idiot of the week (well month really)

As you all know I teach 8th graders and some high school kids, as you also know, or at least I hope you know, today is the election. Being the brave and idealistic young teacher I decided to tackle the election the issues and the candidates head on. Wow! While I heard the usual Obama is a terrorist, a muslim and was born in Iraq (that was a new one) I do have a new all time favorite. One of my students who is by no means dumb, said without pausing "If Obama gets elected he'll give free cheeseburgers and health insurance to the lazy people sitting on their couches, and I'll have to pay for it" without skipping a beat ADD boy responds in all seriousness "Wait! Does that mean they'll take my Xbox?" to which Makeup girls responds "No Muslims don't play Xbox."

I love the eigth grade, and please vote.

Update from a freshman: Michelle Obama hates white people, and John McCain is keeping P.O.W.'s in Vietnam and not telling us.

02 November, 2008


I feel like I've been doomed by all Christian women.

You see, every woman I seem to know (especially Christian women) seem to get this great pleasure out of cooking and cleaning and doing "house wifey" things. I, however; do not. And I have this great guilt because of it. Sometimes (and I mean a great once in a while) I enjoy BOTH. I generally enjoy cooking (but not always) and RARELY enjoy cleaning. Despite the great dislike I manage to cook everyday (generally homemade stuff at that) and thoroughly clean once a week.


Surely there is another woman who feels the same?

28 October, 2008


so, jamie and i have been looking for christmas stockings. we hated everything that we saw. so, i got the brilliant idea that i would crochet us stockings. sunday i got my yarn and i eagerly started crocheting on the way home (since it's a 45 minute drive). I continued crocheting when we arrived at jamie's house. and most of the afternoon. i started over approximately 25 times.

you see, i have crocheted many scarves and even baby blankets before... i've never attempted a stocking. and i've never followed a pattern when crocheting. i just do it. the stocking... not so much. it was bad. very very bad. (keep in mind that i'm a MAJOR perfectionist, too) i decided that if we wanted to have stockings within the next 3 years... we should continue looking elsewhere. so, we found these:


(sorry i don't know how to embed the link into a word)

they are very traditional. and cute. we even got them monogrammed. and i won't go crazy trying to crochet two stockings for the next three years.

25 October, 2008


colorado is an interesting place to live. i hate to admit it that it's actually starting to grow on me (shhh! don't tell). Granted, i did not say that i liked it... it's just growing on me.

we have found a church. the sermons are like sitting through bible classes at JBU which neither of us mind. the pastor used to be a seminary prof so it all makes sense. sometimes i get antsy. i'll be the first to admit that, but we feel very welcome there... they have normal theological believes and there are people our age. we feel like we can get involved pretty quickly... so it's a good thing.

did i mention that i bought jamie and xbox for is birthday (yes, his bday is in december... i just happen to be very sweet) and fable 2? did i also mention that i'm the STUPIDEST person in the world for buying such a thing? actually, it hasn't been too horrible. he is trying to pay attention to me... gotta give him credit for that right? :)

i carved a pumpkin with my kids at school on thursday. it was very fun, and my kids were too cute saying "be careful miss lyman! don't cut yourself!" and "you are a really great pumpkin carver miss lyman!" yes, i know i'm a good pumpkin carver... i went to school for four years to do amazing things like that.

and halloween is on friday... boy are they excited! my class is one of the few classes that is allowed to dress up (it was left up to teacher discretion) and they can't wait. they are very funny kiddos and i really do love them dearly even if sometimes they make me want to pull my hair out. :)

and it snowed last week! not in simla or ramah (the towns that jamie and i live in) but in calhan (where i work)... there was just enough to cover the ground and make the sidewalks at school icy. i nearly died that day. it snowed in october. and the windchill was negative 11. NEGATIVE 11. it was colder than the coldest day i've ever experienced in AR. it is going to be a long, and very cold winter.

and now, i am off to get my hair done (i truly enjoy days like this... it is rare that i have time to pamper myself).

19 October, 2008

i'm old.

so as mentioned above, we bought a new washer and dryer. super capacity too. i have just successfully completed 3 weeks worth of laundry (for two people) in an evening. my mom said that i sounded as excited about this washer and dryer as jamie was about his very early birthday present from me (his xbox). i'm pretty sure she was right. i feel like such an old woman for being excited about a washer and dryer, but it really is amazing compared to the rinky dink washer/dryer at my house that you have to dry each load 3+ times for anything to actually be dry. Or the washer that you can wash 2 pairs of jeans in and then it's maxed out. so... i'm excited. can't help it.

i think we found a church. we've gone there for two weeks now and are really impressed. it's only about 50-75 people and they meet in an elementary school, but we have felt very welcomed by the people. the church has legit theology AND there are people our age (a MAJOR plus for me). so... we'll see i guess. :)

an update on my grandma: they transfered her to a burn unit in tulsa and are doing a skin graft on her leg on tuesday because it's a third degree burn. they have her on a TON of pain meds so mom says that she's rarely awake at all. Her arms and hands are really swollen and bandaged but they will heal ok. the doctor says right now everything seems fine, but if healing does not go well there is a possibility that she could lose her leg. hopefully, that won't happen.

and thanksgiving is like in a month. and i can't wait.

18 October, 2008


We bought a washer and dryer today.  We fit the dryer into Sarah's car, we'll do the same with the washer tomorrow.  We are adults now.

17 October, 2008

when it rains, it pours...

We'll this has certainly been a week. I got strep throat for the first time in my life (thanks second graders) but that is minor in comparison to today.

So, my grandma lives out in the boonies. So far out in the boonies that they don't get any trash service which means that she burns her own trash. Usually, not a problem. Until today.

She was outside burning the trash when some leaves nearby caught fire. She went over to stomp the fire out (like she's done many times in her life) but the fire caught her pants on fire. Thankfully, a neighbor had come by to chat with her and probably more or less saved her life. Her hands, arms, and legs are all burned. Severely enough that she is being transferred to the Tulsa Burn Unit tomorrow morning. Mom said she seems to be doing okay... she says she's not in much pain (she's a very tough lady) but they put her on morphine anyway.

Today, I hate living in Colorado. I want to be in Arkansas near my family and my grandma.
Pray for us. Infection is a huge worry at this point. I'm not ready to loose my grandma.

11 October, 2008


i was informed by some of my co-workers that someone (who knows who this person is) did a study and it has been proven that the windiest spot in the U.S. is the intersection that I live on.

i think it's true.

if you saw how crazy my hair always looks, you would believe it too.

04 October, 2008

My life doesn't suck... I promise

So, after reading that last post that I wrote I realized that it really sounded like my life sucks. It doesn't. There are some days that are just plain and simply- hard. And for whatever reason, I posted on that day. SO.... on to more uplifting things.

One of my best friends lives in Colorado Springs and I got to see her a couple of weeks ago and it was WONDERFUL. Seeing a familiar face and talking with someone that understood me and my heart was great. I really appreciate those times more than ever before.

Also, I kinda have a new friend here in Simla... the head football coaches wife. Granted she's nearly 10 years older than I am and has 2 children, she's one of the most "normal" and "real" people I've met thus far. It's been fun getting to know her and her 2 sons are really funny. Jamie and I enjoy hanging out with their family.

We are also visiting another church tomorrow. I REALLY hope that this one is normal. It will be nice to find a church home and start getting involved. I'm hoping that we might get to meet some really great people through church.

Also, I've actually been enjoying all of the high school sports. We went to a volleyball game (one of the few sports that I actually know more about the rules than Jamie) and viewed all of the homecoming festivities that followed (which were quite interesting... they go all out up here! a bonfire, car smashing, parade... crazy!). This was one of the first times that Jamie's football boys actually made connections of who I am... along with many of his other students. I got stared at a lot.

And finally, on a side note (I promise I'm not trying to sound like one of those really annoying brides-to-be that brags and only talks about her fiance...well, maybe only a little :). I have a very sweet fiance. I've been looking at tote bags to throw all my wedding stuff in (like when I go to dress fittings, cake tastings, make-up trial runs and such) so I don't have to carry so much. I hadn't bought anything yet, so he ordered me a super cute tote bag with my NEW initials on it and surprised me with it today. It was very sweet. :)

28 September, 2008


I'll be the first to admit that I've always wanted to just pick up and move somewhere new. And I'm SO glad to say that I've done it. It's been hard, fun, exciting, and a total adventure. But I miss Arkansas. Desperately. I don't know that I've pinpointed exactly what it is that I miss. I think it's the familiarity. I miss knowing how to go places without having to think about it. I miss knowing shortcuts going around town. I miss going to Wal-Mart and seeing half a dozen people that I know. I miss going to Mom and Dad's for Sunday lunch. I miss being within 10 minutes of pretty much any place that I wanted to go. I miss my family. And I miss my friends (although the majority of my friends are scattered all across the U.S.). I miss having someone to go shopping with and I miss having someone who just "gets" me. (Granted, Jamie "gets" me more than anyone else, but I'm talking about someone of the female gender.)

I knew it would be hard. I'm glad it's hard in fact.... it's a great learning expereince. But I'm not a country girl. And I live IN THE COUNTRY. And I'm 22. Not 32 (the general age of most people that I know).

But there are good things too. The weather is wonderful. The mountains are fabulous. And the love of my life is here... which makes it completley worthwhile.

But I miss home.

26 September, 2008

Do you know what it means to miss...

I love my job, and I really am loving Simla, and Colorado in general, but I miss the south. Having lived in the south my entire life, and leaving it only rarely, I have taken for granted the oddities that I have come to love. Particularly I miss Baton Rouge and Northwest Arkansas

I think the biggest thing that I miss right now about Baton Rouge is the city itself and the energy. I miss driving by a Raising Cane's, or going to a movie at the mall. I miss the smell of wet in the air all the time, I miss sooo much LSU football. People like football here, the Bronco's are a big deal, but the college game is not cared about as much. I miss the rabidness of LSU fans, and of SEC fans in general. No matter what people say there is no conference like the SEC. What I miss the most about NWA is all my friends. I was incredibly lucky to live with my friends for about 4 years. Not being able to see them everyday, to walk over to one of their rooms to play video games or just to talk, not going out to the porch to drink beer or moulded wine, is something that I find myself missing more and more and more. I have friends here. I like the people I work with, and Sarah is here. But i desperately miss my friends.

While this might sound like a depressing post, its not intended to. It's fall, and I love this season most of all, but it makes me think of home, of family, and of friends. Regardless of all this the job is going well. We have a big test coming up in football tomorrow (I hate playing high school games on Saturday, doesn't make a bit of sense) and we'll see how that goes. My parents are also here which has been nice, we're going to head into town tonight so that should be a lot of fun.

Funny story of the week time. While not as funny as the last one, and a story that is probably lacking in general funnieness. We had a kid at football practice get a head injury the other day. It was a relatively minor one so we weren't too worried but we needed to go through the motions anyway. The first thing we did was ask him to remember the phrase: grapes apples oranges. He did...kinda of. His response when we asked him was "Apples! No, damn!! Grapes, peaches, No damn... Grapes apples oranges, No damn, wait damn That was it huh? The response of the coach was that he was the first person to every possibly get a concussion that didn't have a brain.

Cheers, and long live the south!

21 September, 2008


Well its fall, or it will be tomorrow.  Time is moving along quickly.  This will be a fairly long and random post/update since its been a while.  We've been in school for about 6 weeks, though it seems a lot longer, and I (jamie) have finally received my first paycheck.  One of the worst part about being a new teacher is that in most districts you have to wait a month to get paid.  For me is was a bout a month and a half of working before I actually got paid.  Now I enjoy my job, love the school and the kids, but there is no way in hell that I would do what I am doing for free.  Way too much stress and way too much time.  So being paid (and being paid what I think is well) was nice.

School is going well, and I feel as though I have learned a lot.  I have learned that teaching without technology is hard,  I have learned that staying one step ahead of your class is sometimes all you can do, I have learned that having no school on Mondays is one of the greatest things that a school district can do for the sanity of its teachers, and I have learned that 8th graders can either be some of the most horrid creatures on God's green earth or some of the most fun.   I really enjoy teaching, its been kinds of surprising, and the district that I am in is really good.  If I need something they get it.  They want me to succeed and have helped in every way that they can to see that I do.  They people that I work with are great, from the principal to the janitors, I feel comfortable.  Football is going well too.  The varsity is 4-0 and should be ranked this week and the JV is 1-0, with a game tomorrow.  I call the offensive plays for the JV and am the line coach for the varsity.  I have decided that coaching is easily the most stressful thing that a man can do.  You have absolutely no control of what happens when the kids get on the field.  All you can do is yell (loudly and frequently) and hope that they hear and remember what they learned in practice.

We're also getting used to the area.  I love it here.  I like the small town, and Colorado.  It's beautiful.  I love driving into the Springs and seeing Pikes Peak the whole way in.  The trees are starting to change too, and they are gorgeous.  I think my favorite part about here though is the weather.  I've had my AC on two days, and it was on because I was sick and wanted it on, not because I need it.  It's nice, especially on the wallet.

To end my funny story of the week, and yes John, I'm stealing this from you.  My last hour of the day I teach Jr. High P.E.  The class is made up of 6th-8th graders who, for one reason or another do not play sports.  Most days the class is similar to herding cats, no order and just trying to keep the kids in line, some days though it is OK.  Last week when we were waiting for the bell to ring I had a child come up to me and say "Coach Stallings!  Look at this"  the child is pointing at both his chin and his upper lip.  I respond "What am I looking at"  student says "I have a pimple!  And I'm growing a mustache!"  at this point I'm trying (hard) not to laugh.  The student then proceeds to say that he is becoming a man (and will be one when the mustache grows in) and that with the pimple he will be able to get the "hot girl" in class (who happens to be standing about three feet away).  What makes this story funny, to me at least, is that the child was dead serious when he said it.  O the joys of P.E.


12 September, 2008

Wedding and Weekend

So... we've really got a lot done for the wedding... like I'm kinda surprised at our progress. We have the church reserved, we have a pastor, we have a reception site, we have attendants, we have a photographer, i think i've found my shoes, i have a good idea about the bridesmaid dresses. I feel like only being engaged for a few weeks that's a lot to have done! Kristin and I are going to go wedding dress shopping soon (i'm so excited! and i'm so glad she is close by!) and Jamie and I are going to a bridal faire on sunday (i roped jamie into going with me by telling him that we could register to win a free honeymoon but he had to be there to do it! :) so sneeky... i know)

This weekend is gonna be NUTS... Jamie is on the road for football and won't be back till late tonight so I'm on my own for this evening (which may mean venturing into the springs to do some shopping! :) ) although i must go home first do make myself not look like i'm from the 80's (today was 80's day today...

Then Saturday I have stupid class in the monring, but Jamie and i are going on a date saturday evening... dinner and a movie! HURRAY!

Sunday is church and the bridal faire

Monday starts parent/teacher conferences for me.... boo! i'm not excited about this

but it should be a good weekend. nonetheless.. i'm gonna go home!


09 September, 2008


It is cold in Colorado.

Actually, it's not that bad, but I'm used to September still being summer. It's actually fall here and the wind makes it feel like winter.

My house has HORRIBLE insulation. Last night I slept with fleece pj pants, a t-shirt and sweatshirt on. Then I had a quilt, comforter, and another huge blanket on after that. I was never warm once during the night. It's going to be a VERY cold winter.

I could have turned the heat on; however, I refuse to turn on the heat in SEPTEMBER... i'll break down and do it eventually, but it's just too soon.

Today started out horrible by the way: spilling my entire cup of coffee on my desk/floor, copy machine jammed, and spending time taking care of those things meant that I didn't have time to do others. Which I should go do now, but I needed to vent.

And my job is hard. Much harder than I ever expected. I hate not having another 2nd grade teacher. It has to get better eventually.

04 September, 2008

Random things from school...

So, my kids crack me up... here are a few favorites:

Me: Who can tell me the three parts of the water cycle?
Student: Evaporation, CONSTIPATION, precipitation!

Me: Who can tell me what Labor Day is?
Student: It's when everybody has babies... duh!!

Student this morning: So, Miss Lyman we can all come to your wedding, right?

The other hilarious thing is that I've convinced them that there is a desk fairy that comes around a night time and puts treats in desks that look nice and neat and organized. And I mean that EVERY one of my kids believes it. So, last night the desk fairy came for the first time and you would have thought they found gold in their desk. They were so stinkin excited... she even left them a note! :) it was cute and i could hardly keep from laughing.

They are funny kiddos. We had a really great day today. Thank goodness!!

03 September, 2008

Yes, we are engaged!

So, as you have probably seen... we are engaged! Jamie proposed on August 31st on the top of Pike's Peak... here's the story of how it happened...

My parents came into town for Labor Day weekend. The arrived late Friday night and I knew that Jamie had planned on asking for Dad's permission sometime that weekend. Saturday morning Jamie got to my house and talked to Dad and Mom about marrying me and then let them in on the plan of how he would do it. We ran around on Saturday and all day Jamie was giddy and being super sweet. I didn't really think anything of it. So we planned on going to Pike's Peak early Sunday morning since it usually rains in the afternoon. We left the house about 6:45 and the whole way there Jamie was super quiet. When I asked him about it, he just said that he was "tired" (which he really was since he didn't sleep the night before because he was so excited and nervous!) We stopped before we went up to Pike's Peak to go to the bathroom and I gave Jamie a hug and he quickly grabbed my hand and kissed me and moved on (because I almost grabbed the ring box! I realized all this after the fact ;) ) When we got to the top of Pike's Peak, Jamie said he wanted to take a picture with me so I followed him over to the spot. When I caught up with him he said, "So, Sarah... I have a question for you." My heart started pounding because I was hoping that he would ask me. Then, he got down on one knee and said, "Sarah, will you marry me?" Of course I said YES!! and we hugged and kissed and whatnot... I was literally floating on cloud 9 and I still am!!

We are getting married on June 12, 2009 back in Arkansas. I'M SO EXCITED!!!

31 August, 2008

28 August, 2008

Pay Day

I got my first paycheck today! I feel like I've earned every cent of that money... too bad there weren't a ton of bills that need to be paid. Teachers aren't paid enough... but there's not too much I can do about that.

Jamie and I are going to go out to dinner tonight to celebrate my first pay check. Going out to dinner is a HUGE treat for us since it takes about 30 minutes to get to the nearest restaurant... we never go out turning the week either since he doesn't get done with football until like 7:00. It will be a late dinner, but I don't care... it's one less night I have to cook! I honestly don't know how my mom has done it all these years... teaching all day and then coming home to a family to cook for and then help us with homework and get us to bed... I'm exhausted everyday and cooking for two is plenty much less doing anything else when I get home. I was just thinking yesterday that I need to clean both mine and Jamie's houses but there's just no time... and I'm too tired to do it! Granted, the houses aren't that bad, but some things still need to be done.... all well... I guess I'll figure out a balance to how to do all of this eventually.

Mom, Dad, and David are coming up this weekend. It should be fun... we'll go to Pike's Peak and Garden of the Gods and maybe do some shopping? I'm excited nonetheless... this is the first weekend I've had off in about a month I guess. Jamie and I will probably go to the Simla picnic on Monday... One of our friends who we graduated with will be in town so we'll get to see her... I'm so excited just to see someone I know for once!

My kids have been crazy these last few days... I don't know what the deal is... this afternoon we are going to have a little heart to heart. :)

Okay, I should head out... need to get some stuff done before they come back from recess.


26 August, 2008

Wasting Time...

So I'm at school and should be getting things together to go home, but I'm not... so I thought I'd write. I just finished 2 of 3 grad classes yesterday... thank goodness! Just three more classes for the other one and I'm DONE for this semester at least. I REALLY want to start my counseling program for grad school; however, we've decided that Jamie will start with his admin degree first and then I'll go for counseling... but I can't hardly wait!

I REALLY wish that there was another 2nd grade teacher here... it really would make my life so much easier... it's so hard being the only one in your grade and having to come up with ALL the ideas to do things... all of you with teams, be glad! I'm jealous.

Ok... I really should go... I have a mound of papers to grade and need to tidy up a bit before I go home and cook up some dinner for us tonight.


24 August, 2008


We went to church today for the first time... the previous weeks we have been completely exhausted and just needed rest... we've both been working 6 days a week (and we still are) but today we made it and we won't go back to this particular church so we've got to look more which we expected... but the process is just frustrating...

Jamie took the job of being the assistant wrestling coach yesterday. It means practices right after football is over and lots of Saturday meets but it's $1700 which we could definitely use. I figure I'll occupy my time on Saturdays with school stuff and other planning :)

We'll write more soon.....

16 August, 2008

The first week

Well the first week is over.  I (jamie) have had a long one, my shortest day this week (not counting Monday, which was a funeral and driving) has been 12 hours, Sarah's been just as bad.  We have both been going to bed about 9, it's ridiculous.  Football is going well.  I am really enjoying coaching, and I have a pretty good group of kids too.  I like being in the classroom as well.  Simla is a really great school, with a lot of support from everybody, and 4 day weeks.  In other news, the past two days it hasn't gotten above 60, it's crazy.  It's August not January.  That's all I have time for now.



13 August, 2008

It starts tomorrow!

The first day of school is tomorrow! Pray we survive (or at least I do.... Jamie will be great). I feel like I'll never truly be "caught up" with everything... So our first day of school as real teachers begins!!!!!! :)

09 August, 2008

Some bad news....

It seems like things continually get busier and crazier for us. Yesterday morning, Jamie's grandma passed away. It wasn't totally unexpected, but it's still not easy. Jamie just headed out to Texas this morning and will stay until after the funeral on Monday. Thankfully, he works for great people so it wasn't a big deal about missing inservice on Monday. So, keep Jamie and his family in your prayers... Jamie is doing really well... remarkably strong and brave but this weekend will be stressful and the first day of school is Thursday so he has a lot on his plate.


05 August, 2008

Quick Update

So, just thought I'd write a quick update. Things are going well for us. Jamie started football practice yesterday and two a days start next week. I (Sarah) am currently in a grad class. It's interesting to say the least and I'll be glad when it's over. I also start another class on Saturday since I am a new teacher and hold an Arkansas teachers license. And school starts a week from Thursday. We both have back to school BBQ's coming up soon and my classroom is a disaster area right now! So... there's a lot to do and I don't think it'll slow down anytime soon! We get internet at our houses on Thursday so we should be updating more regularly!


31 July, 2008

So we're here

As you can tell from Sarah's last post we've been here a few days.  Its been good, but hard.  A lot of work has went in to setting everything up and it's still not done.  I (jamie) have been unpacking and setting up my apartment, it is essentially done, all I'm waiting on now is internet and satellite, its supposed to come next Thursday, I'm ready for that.  I got my keys to my classroom today, I really needed too as well.  I have a lot to work to do, teaching a subject that I've never had a class on and rarely studied is going to be a challenge to say the least, but I think it will work out and be an enjoyable experience.  The room is nice, I have a lot of work to do to get it ready but it should be OK, I still have a little while till school starts.  Football camp starts Monday, it's been five years since I played, but I feel like I should do OK as a coach (I can teach a small girl how to block).  

Simla is OK, it will take some getting used to be so far away from everything, especially being so far from everything (40 minutes to Wal-Mart) but it will work, and we are both excited about being here and the upcoming year.  


27 July, 2008

We are HOME!

So, we arrived in our new home this afternoon. It's been a tiring couple of days with all the driving (this is by far the longest I've EVER driven... usually I'm a passenger, not a driver) and everyone is exhausting. Nonetheless..... Jamie's place is great. We decided on a second floor apartment because it was nicer and much cleaner. It has a balcony that we can put a grill on which we are excited about and all in all should be a great place... now my place.... that's another story. I cried when a I saw it for a number of reasons... mainly because I am tired. It will be fine once it is decorated a bit. It's just.... old. and no one has lived there in a long time. and it's from the 70's. So... it's not amazing and considering that my apartment in Siloam was really beautiful this is a major downgrade, but it's ok. Heidi and Melissa (Jamie's sisters) are going to help me decorate and that will help it look a lot better and more homey. Everyone keeps reminding me that I probably won't be living there for long which makes it okay too. :)

Anyways, today has been stressful. We are all tired and stressed so sleep will do us some good. Tomorrow we will unload and Tuesday shop for some new curtains and stuff for me (like I said.... my place needs some love).... So life should be interesting the next few weeks. I get my classroom key tomorrow! I'm REALLY excited about that.

So here we are.... we'll update soon!


24 July, 2008

The Loading Begins

So at last after days and days and days and days of packing, we are ready to load. Sarah has more stuff than I ever believed was possible. Hopefully we will be able to fit everything and then be on the road for Sunday.

And so it begins...

Side Note: I really don't have THAT much stuff... keep in mind that I've been living in a house for the past year so I have everything for a kitchen, living room, bathrooms, bedroom, etc. He'll be glad I have it all once we get there... I'm sure of it :) -s.

23 July, 2008

So we're moving

So Sarah and I (jamie) are moving.  We're both teaching in Colorado.  I am teaching 3 differant history classes and coaching football.  Sarah, is a second grade teacher.  We plan on updating this (likely less than we intend to now) regularly to keep people updated on our lives, to avoid mass emails, and to stay away from those damn facebook notes.  To start this off I'm posting the note that Sarah wrote about our job discovery.

Yes, yes... it's a surprise to me too! As of today, I was just officially offered a job teaching second grade at Frontier Charter Academy in Calhan, Colorado. It's a rather interesting story and for those of you who know how incredibly frustrated I've been with the school systems in this area this is such a huge blessing! So, for those of you who don't know... here's the story of how all this came to be:

All summer long I've been applying for jobs tirelessly and it's been really frustrating not getting any calls, interviews, or anything. About the end of June I had a break down and just decided to quit. My own efforts weren't getting me anywhere and I was very discouraged. I figured that if the Lord had a place for me, He would be the one to get me the job, not me. So I was done. About this same time, Jamie had just been turned down by a school in this area and was really discouraged as well; however, about 2 hours later a friend we graduated with messaged him and said that her dad was looking for a social studies teacher in Simla, CO. Jamie figured it wouldn't hurt to at least look into it. So before we knew it, he had a phone interview and then was flown out there to have a formal interview. Of course, they loved him and offered him a contract. This meant a long distance relationship for us, which we weren't excited about, but totally willing to do.... after a lot of crying and discussing, we decided that it was best for him to go ahead and take the position. 

While Jamie was out there, he discussed with his boss the fact that I was looking for a job as well. The day that Jamie accepted the offer from Simla, his superintendent called and said that he had a friend who was a principal and was looking for a second grade teacher and wanted to know if he could pass my name along. Of course, Jamie said sure. About five minutes later, I got a call from this principal and we set up a phone interview. The interview went GREAT. I wouldn't have changed a thing and the next day I was "unofficially" offered the position. The school board had the meeting today and I was officially accepted as their second grade teacher! I'm amazed at how gracious the Lord is and His perfect timing. It's a school I did absolutely nothing to get into. I guess it just goes to show that He has a perfect way and it usually doesn't involve us. So... my first day of teacher inservice is the 30th of July! So, it's a fast move, but I'm excited. I'm really looking forward to what is ahead!