31 July, 2008

So we're here

As you can tell from Sarah's last post we've been here a few days.  Its been good, but hard.  A lot of work has went in to setting everything up and it's still not done.  I (jamie) have been unpacking and setting up my apartment, it is essentially done, all I'm waiting on now is internet and satellite, its supposed to come next Thursday, I'm ready for that.  I got my keys to my classroom today, I really needed too as well.  I have a lot to work to do, teaching a subject that I've never had a class on and rarely studied is going to be a challenge to say the least, but I think it will work out and be an enjoyable experience.  The room is nice, I have a lot of work to do to get it ready but it should be OK, I still have a little while till school starts.  Football camp starts Monday, it's been five years since I played, but I feel like I should do OK as a coach (I can teach a small girl how to block).  

Simla is OK, it will take some getting used to be so far away from everything, especially being so far from everything (40 minutes to Wal-Mart) but it will work, and we are both excited about being here and the upcoming year.  


27 July, 2008

We are HOME!

So, we arrived in our new home this afternoon. It's been a tiring couple of days with all the driving (this is by far the longest I've EVER driven... usually I'm a passenger, not a driver) and everyone is exhausting. Nonetheless..... Jamie's place is great. We decided on a second floor apartment because it was nicer and much cleaner. It has a balcony that we can put a grill on which we are excited about and all in all should be a great place... now my place.... that's another story. I cried when a I saw it for a number of reasons... mainly because I am tired. It will be fine once it is decorated a bit. It's just.... old. and no one has lived there in a long time. and it's from the 70's. So... it's not amazing and considering that my apartment in Siloam was really beautiful this is a major downgrade, but it's ok. Heidi and Melissa (Jamie's sisters) are going to help me decorate and that will help it look a lot better and more homey. Everyone keeps reminding me that I probably won't be living there for long which makes it okay too. :)

Anyways, today has been stressful. We are all tired and stressed so sleep will do us some good. Tomorrow we will unload and Tuesday shop for some new curtains and stuff for me (like I said.... my place needs some love).... So life should be interesting the next few weeks. I get my classroom key tomorrow! I'm REALLY excited about that.

So here we are.... we'll update soon!


24 July, 2008

The Loading Begins

So at last after days and days and days and days of packing, we are ready to load. Sarah has more stuff than I ever believed was possible. Hopefully we will be able to fit everything and then be on the road for Sunday.

And so it begins...

Side Note: I really don't have THAT much stuff... keep in mind that I've been living in a house for the past year so I have everything for a kitchen, living room, bathrooms, bedroom, etc. He'll be glad I have it all once we get there... I'm sure of it :) -s.

23 July, 2008

So we're moving

So Sarah and I (jamie) are moving.  We're both teaching in Colorado.  I am teaching 3 differant history classes and coaching football.  Sarah, is a second grade teacher.  We plan on updating this (likely less than we intend to now) regularly to keep people updated on our lives, to avoid mass emails, and to stay away from those damn facebook notes.  To start this off I'm posting the note that Sarah wrote about our job discovery.

Yes, yes... it's a surprise to me too! As of today, I was just officially offered a job teaching second grade at Frontier Charter Academy in Calhan, Colorado. It's a rather interesting story and for those of you who know how incredibly frustrated I've been with the school systems in this area this is such a huge blessing! So, for those of you who don't know... here's the story of how all this came to be:

All summer long I've been applying for jobs tirelessly and it's been really frustrating not getting any calls, interviews, or anything. About the end of June I had a break down and just decided to quit. My own efforts weren't getting me anywhere and I was very discouraged. I figured that if the Lord had a place for me, He would be the one to get me the job, not me. So I was done. About this same time, Jamie had just been turned down by a school in this area and was really discouraged as well; however, about 2 hours later a friend we graduated with messaged him and said that her dad was looking for a social studies teacher in Simla, CO. Jamie figured it wouldn't hurt to at least look into it. So before we knew it, he had a phone interview and then was flown out there to have a formal interview. Of course, they loved him and offered him a contract. This meant a long distance relationship for us, which we weren't excited about, but totally willing to do.... after a lot of crying and discussing, we decided that it was best for him to go ahead and take the position. 

While Jamie was out there, he discussed with his boss the fact that I was looking for a job as well. The day that Jamie accepted the offer from Simla, his superintendent called and said that he had a friend who was a principal and was looking for a second grade teacher and wanted to know if he could pass my name along. Of course, Jamie said sure. About five minutes later, I got a call from this principal and we set up a phone interview. The interview went GREAT. I wouldn't have changed a thing and the next day I was "unofficially" offered the position. The school board had the meeting today and I was officially accepted as their second grade teacher! I'm amazed at how gracious the Lord is and His perfect timing. It's a school I did absolutely nothing to get into. I guess it just goes to show that He has a perfect way and it usually doesn't involve us. So... my first day of teacher inservice is the 30th of July! So, it's a fast move, but I'm excited. I'm really looking forward to what is ahead!