23 May, 2009

The end is drawing near...

As much as I've complained and grumbled about Colorado and hating living here... there are some good points, which I feel like you should know, and I should remember.

1. Last night we went over and hung out with some of Jamie's work friends. We had a lot of fun. The people (very few) but the people that we have become friends with are really great people.

2. Tonight we are going to hang out with some of my work friends. I'm excited to spend time with them... they are very wonderful people and I will miss them.

3. Today was Simla's graduation and it was really sweet... being in a small school, you have the ability to really impact kids and Jamie has certainly done that. He gave his 7 seniors (there were 26 total graduating) that he's had in class/coached gifts and the crying of the girls ensued. It was sweet to see how much Jamie has touched them... I know he'll be missed next year.

4. While my job situation has been less than ideal this year and really made this year very challenging and discouraging, I have some amazing parents in my class. Some of the mom's got together and got me flowers, a sweet card, and a cake that said "Happy Birthday, Congratulations, and Goodbye Ms. Lyman". They made it a surprise and we did the little "celebration" with my second graders and the kindergartners (I know all the kinders pretty well since I share a building with them and they are all almost all siblings of my 2nd graders). It was really sweet to have 28 kiddos sing "happy birthday to you, cha-cha-cha.." with such enthusasim. I WILL miss my sweet kids and my sweet parents. I am truely blessed by them.

5. It is nice to walk into the local grocery store and have the owners recognize you.

6. I couldn't be more pleased to be leaving Colorado. I can't wait to be in Arkansas, but there have been blessings here in Colorado which I am very thankful for.

22 May, 2009

End of School

So today is my last day, and I have to admit, it is a bit bitter sweet. Significantly more so than I expected. I have truly enjoyed my time here. This is a wonderful school. I am continually amazed at how good the staff and administration is here. I've also been impressed by the kids. There are some that drive me absolutely bat shit crazy but others that I really enjoy and will miss a lot. I've gotten close to a lot of my kids, particularly my athletes. When I started my career I had absolutely no desire to coach I wanted to be a teacher and an academic, not a meat-head. I have discovered though that coach (particularly wrestling) is something that I particularly enjoy and want to do again. So the adventure once again ends, but it also begins again. Marriage, Mexico, and Arkansas here we come!

19 May, 2009


So, we are moving in 10 days and I'm SO far behind on packing it's not even funny... packing 2 houses and 2 classrooms makes for a LOT of packing, a LOT of boxes, and a LOT to do.

I'm ready for these 10 days to be done.

17 May, 2009

10 things

1. I would just like to state that our cake decorator for the wedding just won a food network challenge. yes. awesome.

2. I am going to marry a very wonderful man very soon. Yesterday we went out to celebrate my birthday since we won't be able to celebrate on my actual birthday at The Melting Pot (my all time favorite restaurant!) When we got there we just had to wait a few minutes b/c we had a reservation... but as our hostess was seating us she asked if we were celebrating anything special... Jamie said it was my birthday so she said happy birthday and whatnot and then she said "Are you getting married soon?" And this is where I got kinda confused... how would our hostess know we are getting married or why would she ask that? But I blew it off and said "Yeah, June 12". Well, we got to our table and there was a beautiful bouquet of daisies (my fav) on our table. :) When Jamie called to reserve our table they had asked if he wanted any flowers or balloons for me for my birthday and he has said that it was for his fiance (which is where the hostess' comment came into play). Our waiter obviously knew it was my birthday and about the upcoming wedding but the manager came over too to wish us well which was pretty impressive. But we had a wonderful meal and came home to have a wonderful evening together. It was very sweet. I love him.

3. I hate packing.

4. I can't wait to buy a house and not move for like 20-30 years.

5. I can't wait to be back in Arkansas.

6. Only 6 more school days.

7. Possibly my least favorite chore is folding and putting away laundry hense while I have a HUGE pile of clean stuff piled up in the bedroom.

8. We went to see Star Treck for my birthday too (which I was NOT excited about b/c I HATE, I mean HATE Si-Fi) but I loved it. You should see it.

9. I have soooo much to do, but can't seem to get motivated to do it.

10. I have a really cute dog and a really cute future husband. Life can't get much better than this. :)

13 May, 2009

16 little days that feel like years

We are moving to Arkansas in 16 days.


I can't wait.

02 May, 2009


As I was driving home one day last week, I was thinking about what I've learned from this experience here in Colorado. The lessons are vast in number. Here is what I can think of.

1. Everyone should move 1,000 miles away from their family and friends at least once in their life. If you think you appreciate those people now, move away from them and you'll never take them for granted again.

2. Research, research, research before you blindly take a job in a place you've never seen before. :)

3. Planning your grocery shopping for an entire week (like can't forget one thing at all) is a difficult job.

4. Planning your grocery shopping for several weeks at a time is VERY difficult when you don't know the next time you'll be able to go into civilization because of snow blizzards.

5. Driving into snow drifts isn't a good idea. It's rather difficult to get out.

6. There is no point in doing your hair when you have 50 mile an hour wind everyday.

7. Being able to drive 5 minutes to Wal-Mart, or any sort of civilization is a wonderful, wonderful thing.

8. Being the only teacher that teaches your grade is very, very difficult and exhausting.

9. Thinking the best of people is always a good thing, but you will often be very, very disappointed.

10. I've learned that I wouldn't trade this year in Colorado for anything. It's possibly been the hardest year of my life (and I think I'll look back on this when I'm old and probably say the same thing) but I've learned more about life, love, teaching, family, friends than I could have ever imagined. I feel like I've gotten about 10 years of life experience in one small year. I'm glad that we moved, but I'm even more glad (you can't imagine!) that we are moving back home. There is no place like home... that's for sure.