31 August, 2008

28 August, 2008

Pay Day

I got my first paycheck today! I feel like I've earned every cent of that money... too bad there weren't a ton of bills that need to be paid. Teachers aren't paid enough... but there's not too much I can do about that.

Jamie and I are going to go out to dinner tonight to celebrate my first pay check. Going out to dinner is a HUGE treat for us since it takes about 30 minutes to get to the nearest restaurant... we never go out turning the week either since he doesn't get done with football until like 7:00. It will be a late dinner, but I don't care... it's one less night I have to cook! I honestly don't know how my mom has done it all these years... teaching all day and then coming home to a family to cook for and then help us with homework and get us to bed... I'm exhausted everyday and cooking for two is plenty much less doing anything else when I get home. I was just thinking yesterday that I need to clean both mine and Jamie's houses but there's just no time... and I'm too tired to do it! Granted, the houses aren't that bad, but some things still need to be done.... all well... I guess I'll figure out a balance to how to do all of this eventually.

Mom, Dad, and David are coming up this weekend. It should be fun... we'll go to Pike's Peak and Garden of the Gods and maybe do some shopping? I'm excited nonetheless... this is the first weekend I've had off in about a month I guess. Jamie and I will probably go to the Simla picnic on Monday... One of our friends who we graduated with will be in town so we'll get to see her... I'm so excited just to see someone I know for once!

My kids have been crazy these last few days... I don't know what the deal is... this afternoon we are going to have a little heart to heart. :)

Okay, I should head out... need to get some stuff done before they come back from recess.


26 August, 2008

Wasting Time...

So I'm at school and should be getting things together to go home, but I'm not... so I thought I'd write. I just finished 2 of 3 grad classes yesterday... thank goodness! Just three more classes for the other one and I'm DONE for this semester at least. I REALLY want to start my counseling program for grad school; however, we've decided that Jamie will start with his admin degree first and then I'll go for counseling... but I can't hardly wait!

I REALLY wish that there was another 2nd grade teacher here... it really would make my life so much easier... it's so hard being the only one in your grade and having to come up with ALL the ideas to do things... all of you with teams, be glad! I'm jealous.

Ok... I really should go... I have a mound of papers to grade and need to tidy up a bit before I go home and cook up some dinner for us tonight.


24 August, 2008


We went to church today for the first time... the previous weeks we have been completely exhausted and just needed rest... we've both been working 6 days a week (and we still are) but today we made it and we won't go back to this particular church so we've got to look more which we expected... but the process is just frustrating...

Jamie took the job of being the assistant wrestling coach yesterday. It means practices right after football is over and lots of Saturday meets but it's $1700 which we could definitely use. I figure I'll occupy my time on Saturdays with school stuff and other planning :)

We'll write more soon.....

16 August, 2008

The first week

Well the first week is over.  I (jamie) have had a long one, my shortest day this week (not counting Monday, which was a funeral and driving) has been 12 hours, Sarah's been just as bad.  We have both been going to bed about 9, it's ridiculous.  Football is going well.  I am really enjoying coaching, and I have a pretty good group of kids too.  I like being in the classroom as well.  Simla is a really great school, with a lot of support from everybody, and 4 day weeks.  In other news, the past two days it hasn't gotten above 60, it's crazy.  It's August not January.  That's all I have time for now.



13 August, 2008

It starts tomorrow!

The first day of school is tomorrow! Pray we survive (or at least I do.... Jamie will be great). I feel like I'll never truly be "caught up" with everything... So our first day of school as real teachers begins!!!!!! :)

09 August, 2008

Some bad news....

It seems like things continually get busier and crazier for us. Yesterday morning, Jamie's grandma passed away. It wasn't totally unexpected, but it's still not easy. Jamie just headed out to Texas this morning and will stay until after the funeral on Monday. Thankfully, he works for great people so it wasn't a big deal about missing inservice on Monday. So, keep Jamie and his family in your prayers... Jamie is doing really well... remarkably strong and brave but this weekend will be stressful and the first day of school is Thursday so he has a lot on his plate.


05 August, 2008

Quick Update

So, just thought I'd write a quick update. Things are going well for us. Jamie started football practice yesterday and two a days start next week. I (Sarah) am currently in a grad class. It's interesting to say the least and I'll be glad when it's over. I also start another class on Saturday since I am a new teacher and hold an Arkansas teachers license. And school starts a week from Thursday. We both have back to school BBQ's coming up soon and my classroom is a disaster area right now! So... there's a lot to do and I don't think it'll slow down anytime soon! We get internet at our houses on Thursday so we should be updating more regularly!