28 October, 2008


so, jamie and i have been looking for christmas stockings. we hated everything that we saw. so, i got the brilliant idea that i would crochet us stockings. sunday i got my yarn and i eagerly started crocheting on the way home (since it's a 45 minute drive). I continued crocheting when we arrived at jamie's house. and most of the afternoon. i started over approximately 25 times.

you see, i have crocheted many scarves and even baby blankets before... i've never attempted a stocking. and i've never followed a pattern when crocheting. i just do it. the stocking... not so much. it was bad. very very bad. (keep in mind that i'm a MAJOR perfectionist, too) i decided that if we wanted to have stockings within the next 3 years... we should continue looking elsewhere. so, we found these:


(sorry i don't know how to embed the link into a word)

they are very traditional. and cute. we even got them monogrammed. and i won't go crazy trying to crochet two stockings for the next three years.

25 October, 2008


colorado is an interesting place to live. i hate to admit it that it's actually starting to grow on me (shhh! don't tell). Granted, i did not say that i liked it... it's just growing on me.

we have found a church. the sermons are like sitting through bible classes at JBU which neither of us mind. the pastor used to be a seminary prof so it all makes sense. sometimes i get antsy. i'll be the first to admit that, but we feel very welcome there... they have normal theological believes and there are people our age. we feel like we can get involved pretty quickly... so it's a good thing.

did i mention that i bought jamie and xbox for is birthday (yes, his bday is in december... i just happen to be very sweet) and fable 2? did i also mention that i'm the STUPIDEST person in the world for buying such a thing? actually, it hasn't been too horrible. he is trying to pay attention to me... gotta give him credit for that right? :)

i carved a pumpkin with my kids at school on thursday. it was very fun, and my kids were too cute saying "be careful miss lyman! don't cut yourself!" and "you are a really great pumpkin carver miss lyman!" yes, i know i'm a good pumpkin carver... i went to school for four years to do amazing things like that.

and halloween is on friday... boy are they excited! my class is one of the few classes that is allowed to dress up (it was left up to teacher discretion) and they can't wait. they are very funny kiddos and i really do love them dearly even if sometimes they make me want to pull my hair out. :)

and it snowed last week! not in simla or ramah (the towns that jamie and i live in) but in calhan (where i work)... there was just enough to cover the ground and make the sidewalks at school icy. i nearly died that day. it snowed in october. and the windchill was negative 11. NEGATIVE 11. it was colder than the coldest day i've ever experienced in AR. it is going to be a long, and very cold winter.

and now, i am off to get my hair done (i truly enjoy days like this... it is rare that i have time to pamper myself).

19 October, 2008

i'm old.

so as mentioned above, we bought a new washer and dryer. super capacity too. i have just successfully completed 3 weeks worth of laundry (for two people) in an evening. my mom said that i sounded as excited about this washer and dryer as jamie was about his very early birthday present from me (his xbox). i'm pretty sure she was right. i feel like such an old woman for being excited about a washer and dryer, but it really is amazing compared to the rinky dink washer/dryer at my house that you have to dry each load 3+ times for anything to actually be dry. Or the washer that you can wash 2 pairs of jeans in and then it's maxed out. so... i'm excited. can't help it.

i think we found a church. we've gone there for two weeks now and are really impressed. it's only about 50-75 people and they meet in an elementary school, but we have felt very welcomed by the people. the church has legit theology AND there are people our age (a MAJOR plus for me). so... we'll see i guess. :)

an update on my grandma: they transfered her to a burn unit in tulsa and are doing a skin graft on her leg on tuesday because it's a third degree burn. they have her on a TON of pain meds so mom says that she's rarely awake at all. Her arms and hands are really swollen and bandaged but they will heal ok. the doctor says right now everything seems fine, but if healing does not go well there is a possibility that she could lose her leg. hopefully, that won't happen.

and thanksgiving is like in a month. and i can't wait.

18 October, 2008


We bought a washer and dryer today.  We fit the dryer into Sarah's car, we'll do the same with the washer tomorrow.  We are adults now.

17 October, 2008

when it rains, it pours...

We'll this has certainly been a week. I got strep throat for the first time in my life (thanks second graders) but that is minor in comparison to today.

So, my grandma lives out in the boonies. So far out in the boonies that they don't get any trash service which means that she burns her own trash. Usually, not a problem. Until today.

She was outside burning the trash when some leaves nearby caught fire. She went over to stomp the fire out (like she's done many times in her life) but the fire caught her pants on fire. Thankfully, a neighbor had come by to chat with her and probably more or less saved her life. Her hands, arms, and legs are all burned. Severely enough that she is being transferred to the Tulsa Burn Unit tomorrow morning. Mom said she seems to be doing okay... she says she's not in much pain (she's a very tough lady) but they put her on morphine anyway.

Today, I hate living in Colorado. I want to be in Arkansas near my family and my grandma.
Pray for us. Infection is a huge worry at this point. I'm not ready to loose my grandma.

11 October, 2008


i was informed by some of my co-workers that someone (who knows who this person is) did a study and it has been proven that the windiest spot in the U.S. is the intersection that I live on.

i think it's true.

if you saw how crazy my hair always looks, you would believe it too.

04 October, 2008

My life doesn't suck... I promise

So, after reading that last post that I wrote I realized that it really sounded like my life sucks. It doesn't. There are some days that are just plain and simply- hard. And for whatever reason, I posted on that day. SO.... on to more uplifting things.

One of my best friends lives in Colorado Springs and I got to see her a couple of weeks ago and it was WONDERFUL. Seeing a familiar face and talking with someone that understood me and my heart was great. I really appreciate those times more than ever before.

Also, I kinda have a new friend here in Simla... the head football coaches wife. Granted she's nearly 10 years older than I am and has 2 children, she's one of the most "normal" and "real" people I've met thus far. It's been fun getting to know her and her 2 sons are really funny. Jamie and I enjoy hanging out with their family.

We are also visiting another church tomorrow. I REALLY hope that this one is normal. It will be nice to find a church home and start getting involved. I'm hoping that we might get to meet some really great people through church.

Also, I've actually been enjoying all of the high school sports. We went to a volleyball game (one of the few sports that I actually know more about the rules than Jamie) and viewed all of the homecoming festivities that followed (which were quite interesting... they go all out up here! a bonfire, car smashing, parade... crazy!). This was one of the first times that Jamie's football boys actually made connections of who I am... along with many of his other students. I got stared at a lot.

And finally, on a side note (I promise I'm not trying to sound like one of those really annoying brides-to-be that brags and only talks about her fiance...well, maybe only a little :). I have a very sweet fiance. I've been looking at tote bags to throw all my wedding stuff in (like when I go to dress fittings, cake tastings, make-up trial runs and such) so I don't have to carry so much. I hadn't bought anything yet, so he ordered me a super cute tote bag with my NEW initials on it and surprised me with it today. It was very sweet. :)