16 February, 2009

Puppy and wrestling

So Sarah and I have a puppy now. We got her a few nights ago and are really excited, I'm sure that she'll blog about the dog later (and do a much better job that I do) but for now she's at home puppysitting. She is a half Chihuahua half Corgie, but she looks more corgie.. So far its been a good experience. She's picking up fairly well on potty training, and hasn't been too terribly aggravating.

In other news, Varsity wrestling is almost over. State's next week. We qualified three kids, so Thursday, Friday, and Saturday of this week I will be coaching wrestling at the Pepsi Center in Denver (where the nuggets play) I'm pretty excited. If we wrestle as well as we can we can realistically place all three of the boys and possibly get a few in finals which would be awesome.