29 January, 2009

Sickness and the like

So to begin with let me just state that it is incredibly frustrating to move to Colorado and only have one snow day as compared to Arkansas 4 so far. This is afterall, the great northern wasteland, with snow and polar bears isn't it? Nope all we get is cold.

In other news its that time of year again! The time for everyone to get sick. I missed school yesterday feeling like crap, and we think that Sarah has the flu. Oh how I love winter.

21 January, 2009

nothing important.

1. so... ya know that "not" new years resolution that i made about not saying yes to everything (especially at work), i just blew that one out of the water today. i'm now the GT primary grade coordinator or representative or something like that ... in my defense.. when you have a new principal and you are the new gal you can't hardly help but say "yes" especially when something along the lines of "i think you would be perfect for this position" is said. yes, i'm a sucker. i know.

2. we went to zach and carole's wedding this past weekend in dallas. i was WONDERFUL to be with friends again. WONDERFUL. and all day monday i was sooooo down b/c we weren't with them anymore. so i just keep savoring the weekend and look forward for one that to come (hopefully sometime in the near future).

3. people have started planning wedding showers for us...and i can't wait! i need things! like in my kitchen and my living room and bathroom! and i'm excited to see people that i love dearly (and it will more than likely result in me getting to fly into AR in april! amazing!)

4. jamie and i have gone into this crazy we are going to loose weight thing. it's actually working. quite well. and i'm very pleased with myself.

5. i love jcrew

6. zach and carole's wedding this weekend made jamie and i SO excited about our wedding. we can't wait.

7. our wedding is going to be WAY cute. you should come.

8. i can't wait until the cruise after the wedding. SUN. and WARMTH. two things i don't get much of in this place.

9. as much as i complain about the weather... we have had really nice weather this week that will be followed by a blizzard this weekend. stupid weather. i'm ready for spring.

10. i'm actually more ready for june 12 than anything. it will be a great and wonderful day.

10 January, 2009


I think one of the greatest desires in life is to be known and to know. I've found that with Jamie. We just get each other. We understand. We know.

But I think that most people desire to be known by a person of the same gender too. To have a best girl friend or guy friend that just knows.

Sometimes I think I'm odd.. I don't really realize that I need people until I'm with people. (confusing huh?) You see, I'm so far away from my friends it's like I forget that I need that companionship until I'm with them again and then I remember. I had coffee with a good friend today and I remembered. So then I called my best friend from home and we talked for about 2 hours... we talked about life, and love, and work, and struggles, and I love the fact that we just get each other. We know each other. We can go without talking for months because we are both so busy and pick right back up where we left off and she just GETS me. I don't have to justify my feelings or thoughts to her. She just understands.

It's nice to be known.

09 January, 2009

Back to the grind

So if anyone was incredibly worried we made across the vast hell that is Kansas and arrived safely in Colorado. We had a few adventures getting back; driving to Wal-mart in quasi blizzard to take back and a get a new TV stand, nasty Kansas flatness, and stinky new neighbors, but other than that it was an uneventful trip. Arkansas/Louisiana was amazing, I cannot possibly express how great it was to be home. Seeing friends was amazing, and I think that is what I miss the most, we have friends here but nothing like we do at home. The bachelor party the weekend before we left, was, even though I got to stay one night, the highlight of the trip. It was also great to see family, and just be home.

School's been rough this week, not that the kids have been particularly bad or that this has been a bad week, its just been long. Being a school teacher is great because of the breaks but it is really hard to get back into school shape after two weeks off. Let me explain school shape, I'm on my feet walking around between 5-6 hours a day, on top of that I'm talking almost all of that time, while trying to keep 5-25 hooligans from destroying the classroom. I've been tired, and my voice has also been tired.

We have a wrestling tournament this weekend. It's an overnight trip, which will be an adventure. We're going into the mountains and its supposed to snow. I'm not driving. I enjoy wrestling, I'm not a good coach yet but it's a fun sport and one that I enjoy more and more.

Also on a final note, my TV is set up. It is beautiful. Also I have Xbox live so if you read this and have an Xbox you should either get it back, or give me your name so you can dominate me at Halo. Sarah plays too by the way.

02 January, 2009

My NOT New Year's Resolutions

Every year I make a list of things that I want to do in that year. Generally, very typical things like loosing weight, yada yada. And while I like setting goals for myself, sometimes it's just too much to think about at one time. It becomes another scary list to try and complete and we all know that I have PLENTY lists in my life. So here are all the things I'm NOT going to do this year. (It makes it seem so much easier).

1. I'm NOT going to fall into the media trap of what is "beautiful".
I'm beautiful. Enough said.

2. I'm NOT going to stress out on my wedding day.
I just won't do it. I'm going to enjoy my day. I'm going to be happy. I'm going to celebrate the love I share with the man of my dreams. And whatever happens, happens.

3. I'm NOT going to let work consume my life.
I'm going to work the rest of my life. But I don't want work to BE my life.

4. I'm NOT going to think about all the things that I don't have, but seem to think I can't live without.
I have an ugly orange chair and an ugly blue couch for living room furniture. But I have living room furniture which is a nice thing.

5. I'm NOT going to pretend to be someone I'm not.
What ya see is what ya get. I've done the pretending thing before and vow to never to it again.

6. I'm NOT going to try to please people all the time.
As much as I'd like to think that I can make everyone happy, I can't. And it's rather pointless to try.

7. I'm NOT going to say "yes" to everything that people ask me to do.
This one is for work. When you are the youngest person on staff by 15 years you often get fingangled into doing things that other people don't know how to do (i.e. all technology).

So, there ya have it. All the things that I'm not going to do this year. Kinda nice.