01 August, 2011

It's a....


And we are thrilled. hubby's first comment after finding out that it was a girl was "this is going to be expensive" of which the ultrasound tech added in "for the rest of your life, buddy!"

Hubby might have also commented that she looked like a zombie. She'll appreciate that later, I'm sure.

But, seriously, we are so excited about a sweet little girl entering our little family.

I might also be huge. I just looked a picture of a woman 32 weeks preggo and I'm bigger than she is at 19 weeks preggo which makes me slightly scared of how big I'm actually going to get. The thing is, my weight gain is pretty much right on target if not a little under of where I'm supposed to be. (I seriously don't give into cravings unless they are healthy). So, we shall see I guess.

Nonetheless, we are thrilled. My husband the planner had to do something in order to prepare so he went ahead and painted the nursery and has helped organize stuff for me this summer. I guess we are nesting a bit early. Or we know the craziness that fall and winter are in our house with husband coaching and all.

It's hard to believe that our sweet little girl zombie, I mean baby will join our family in 4ish months!

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