25 July, 2011

I took ballet once....

Since today is noticeably cooler weather (aka the sun isn't out) I decided to get some of my outdoor chores done like vacuuming out the car and weeding my garden. Stuff I've been putting off for far too long.

I've got some pretty flowers. And I've also got some pretty weeds. Well, not pretty, but the weeds are almost as abundant as the flowers. It was bad.

Did you know that lots of creepy crawly creatures like to live in weeds? Did you? Well they do.

While weeding today in my yoga pants and stretchy tank top I came across several. One very large spider decided to make it's grand appearance while a man jogging decided to come along. He got a nice show of this preggo girl screaming and awkwardly racing to the other side of the yard.

Folks, I don't move like I once used to. My once graceful jump is not more of a roll/crawl/finally get on my feet and instead of running it's more like waddling really fast.

You're welcome Mr. Jogger Man for your entertainment of the morning. Come back another time and I'm sure I can recreate my delightful performance.

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