29 June, 2011

Since it's been 2 years...

Since it's been nearly 2 years since I've posted I figured I might as well rejoin the blogging world. Hello again!

Rather than attempt to capture what all is happened in 2 years I'll just pick up with what is happening now.

We're pregnant! And very excited about it!! I'm 14 weeks and a few days and our due date is December 27th. I've only been sick a few times and it's always at night. I have awful indigestion though, folks. Awful. In fact, at church tonight while reading the Psalm the word "indignation" looked like indigestion... I almost got excited that I was going to find a cure right there in the Psalms! :) I can't complain though, we are very blessed and excited. Maybe I'll update more than every 2 years now with a sweet baby to blog about. :)

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