13 July, 2009


I feel like we've (more I) have neglected this thing recently, but I'm bored enough now to update this thing so here it goes:

We've bought a house. We signed the contract last week and our waiting patiently (not really) to close. The house is a foreclosure that is owned by Freddie Mac. This is a good and a bad thing. Good because we got a phenomenal deal (I'll describe the house in a bit) bad b/c its taking forever to close. Now for the house:

It is 4 bed 2 bath 1680 square foot, and in fabulous shape. We have to do nothing, but will probably paint some. More pictures will follow I'm sure. We close officially August 25th but will hopefully close sooner b/c of school. On that front...

I signed my contract today to make my job official. I am now a Civics, and World History teacher at Soutwest Jr. High in Springdale. I'm really excited about this job. Springdale is the district that I wanted to be in, and I'm really excited to be teaching (somewhat) older kids. Everybody that I've met has been really great, and I'm excited to get started. My room, which was a disaster, is nearly done, I've almost finished my coaching certification, I think I'm going to coach wrestling in some way shape or form, I've started (a little) planning for next year and last but not least, I have my first every professional development workshop tomorrow.

It's a pretty exciting time. Sarah is still looking for a job, but we are both confident that something will come up but it will mostly likely be last minute, it tends to be that way in Springdale.

That's all for now. I've got to take the dog out.


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