03 August, 2011

When You're Hot, You're Hot

It's hot.

Like 115 degrees kind of hot.

So, I was in a workshop today (on the second floor of a lovely building) and the a/c did not get turned on until we all arrived. Normally, not a big deal, but since at 8:00 this morning it was nearing 90 degrees, it was a big deal.

I figured I'd be fine. I wore capris and a light t-shirt. I had my ice water.

But, folks, it was HOT.

I tried fanning myself. Chugging my water. Nothing was helping.

So, I ventured outside of my workshop to try to find a cooler spot in the building.
I passed the bathroom and figured I might as well go while I was there.

And then I had a great idea.

I started fanning myself with my shirt and it felt great to get that fabric off my rather large belly.

And then I thought how great it would be to get that fabric off my legs.


I sat in the bathroom in my bra and undies. And it was glorious.

TMI? Maybe. Just keeping it real, folks. Just keeping it real.

After some time I figured I should get dressed and go back to my workshop.

A friend was outside waiting on me afraid that I was sick or something. I just smiled and said, "Oh, no... just hot!"

Hey, when you're preggo and it's 115 degrees outside you do what ya gotta do.

I'll try to refrain from wearing my bikini out of the house tomorrow.
But sometimes, a girl's gotta do what a (pregnant) girl's gotta do.

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